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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Laredo Beginners

Practice up through page 26, the pieces we have been working on.  Ode to Joy is a great warm up piece.  Practice saying the notes aloud.  Don't write everything down.  Learn to memorize where that letter name lives on the staff, on you page.  Saying notes aloud is one of the best things you can do for yourself.  Writing helps, but becomes a crutch that doesnt help you break the code.  

Practice up to 22, if you can, in Dragonhunter.  Remember, no orchestra class this Monday, but I get to see you on Wednesday!  Practice up!  You're doing well!  If you are feeling behind in note reading, go back to page 18, and practice saying all the notes you are playing, aloud, as you play them.  You will be reading great in no time.  Flash cards, and note reading games on computer also can be helpful, but nothing like just looking at the page and saying those lettter names.  

See you Wednesday!

Fox Hollow Beginnersa

Spring Concert Dates are:

April 25: Rehearsal with East side of district @ Prairie Middle School. Arrive at 6:30. Go through back doors of school and into cafeteria to right, then left as you enter.
April 27: Concert at Prairie Middle School Gym. Arrive by 6:30 through back doors of school

If these dates are completely unworkable, please email or talk to me.  There is a May 4 date available, that the rest of the district is participating in.  It is the same music, so is no problem for thier required concert to be on this date.

Fox Hollow orchestra, band, and choir concert will be the evening of May 9 at 6:30 PM. Students should arrive by 6:00 that evening, for tuning and placement.  Then, as in the winter concert time, we will also have a school assembly the next morning. As before, when you get to school, with your instrument and music, check in with your home teacher, and then come to library for tuning and placement.  

You are all doing well. I am just starting to hand out concert music. If these notes are throwing you, back track a little in your book, where its easy to read, and start saying letter names.  You will be glad you did.  Most of these concert pieces are a page long, so note reading needs to start happening.  Saying them aloud, when seeing them, is one of the best things you can do.  You can also download Staff Wars, on a computer or phone, or tablet, select your clef, and practice note recognition that way.  You can make flash cards, too.  But, be sure of what you are reading.

Practice through page 26 & 27, just the pieces we have been working on in class.  Work up to rehearsal square 13, in Mystic Caravan.  Ok, enjoy the weekend! No orchestra or school on Monday. See you Wednesday!

Third Year Strings-concert dates, and Art Exhibition

We, as usual, for second and third year students, will play 2 concerts.

Your first concert is April 27 @ 7:00, Prairie Middle School. We will also be playing Star Wars, with the band, as we did last year, so stay tuned for a time we can get together for that. 

Your second concert for CCEIM is May 4.  You should need no extra rehearsal outside of what we are already doing to play this concert.  It will be same music, just on the west side of the district, at West Middle School.  Again, the concert will be @ 7:00 PM at West Middle School. Arrival times for both concerts will be 6:30 PM, on those days. 

ALSO, we have an opportunity to play at the Grandview Art Exhibition.  I'm thinking of about Three-four small ensembles.  This would take place on April 19th, in the evening at Grandview.  Please email me whether your student can participate in this evening or not.  It will help me with planning and pulling ensembles together.  

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Concert Dates

Major Spring District Concert Dates.

If you are reading this, are a beginner, and taking from Fox Hollow or Laredo, also the Timberline group, you have April 25, as rehearsal night, and April 27th as concert night.  Older groups are playing two concerts.  Beginners are only required to play one, and invited to play the other if they would like to, since it's all the same music.  But again, only one concert required.  If you have a conflict with the April date, let me know, and we will have a place for you at the May concert.  Or, maybe you will be so excited, you will want to do both! Schedules are crazy that time of year, so mark your calendars, now, and let me know if you are having any conflicts. 

April 25th Rehearsal for Strings is 6:30 Prairie Middle School.  Enter through back doors to gymn 
April 27. Concert begins at 7:00.  Arrival time 6:30.  Concert attire will be black and white. 

Second Concert for west side of district PLUS  second and third level classes: 
May 2, Rehearsal. Strings arrive at West Middle School 6:30 for beginners. 
May 4  All students arrive by 6:30.  Concert begins at 7:00. 

More updates on Concert pieces, and scheduling for those weeks will be coming out soon.  For instance, no regular Monday Wednesday Classes in evening for Laredo students, during those two weeks.  Each class will be getting handouts, so you know what your schedule is that week.  

All beginners, and District concert Date.

It's February already!  Beginners, you are doing great.  We are learning all sorts of things.  For the past two months, you have been using all the notes on your D and A string.  I hope you are getting more and more comfortable reading these notes, and knowing when to play them. As always, going in your book, and just pointing and naming letter names is great practice!  So is just doing pizzicato while you figure out the notes.  Then bow them.  Give yourself a challenge, and say the notes backwards through the song.  Or, you can make yourself flash cards.  Or, Staff Wars, is also a cheap app, that you can download and practice note recognition on.  Main thing is, be very comfortable, and able to recognize all the notes on your D and A string. 

Be able to play a D major scale, up, and down, by memory: 

Up, from open D E F# G A B C# D
Then down from High D C# B A G F# E D     We have been doing this a lot in class. 

Work on pages 22 and 23 and 24 over the weekend. We will do solos and small groups on Monday. Pick one of the songs  that we have played in class. Practice it.  Pizzicato it first if it seems hard.  Name the notes, then work on playing it.  You can do it!  See you on Monday!

Beginners, also, you all have a district concert on April 27, at Praire Middle School. We will be combining several orchestra groups, and band, and having a wonderful concert.  You will have a district rehearsal the night of April 25, and the concert will be April 27, at Prairie Middle School. Your arrival times, for both those evenings, will be 6:30. Beginners, you should be done with rehearsal, by 7:30 that night of the 25th.  April 27th, is concert night: you will arrive by 6:30, begin concert at 7:00 PM and we are usually done by 8:00 or 8:15. It is marvelous fun to have a big concert. We will be handing that music out soon, which is why I want you to get omfortabel with your bowing and reading notes, because we have some super fun pieces to learn!  

Monday, January 16, 2017

No Classes on Jan 16 MLK day.

On days that the whole district is closed down, there are no orchestra or band classes.  We run with the Cherry Creek traditional calendar for our class dates.  

Enjoy your day!  Happy MLK day to you. What an example for us all, in these turbulent times. 
See you all Wednesday!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

All classes back to regular times and places.

Yay! No location changes, or time changes.  Everything back to normal today.

Martin Luther King weekend coming up, so, no classes on the 16th, because school district is not in session.


Stay posted.  I will try to post each class's assignments for weekend, by Friday. Beginners should be practicing getting good at saying and playing notes on pages 18 and 19 of Book.