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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Laredo Beginners

Laredo Beginners

Again, if you’re wondering what happened on this past Monday, see one of the previous posts, entitled “ All Laredo Students”My sincere apologies.  All Laredo classes scheduled to be as normal, today. 

This is about your concert, on Dec. 20th.  It will still be at Laredo, during your regular class time.  Come to your classroom, as usual, at 6:00. Your parents, and guests, should go to the Front Commons.  They will enter throught the back doors, as usual, and turn left, in the hallway towards the front of the school. They can go seat themselves in the audience portion of the room, while I am tuning, and organizing you’re siting places.  We will begin performing, at about 6:20.  You will be done by 7:00.  Dress nice, holiday colors encouraged, but not required.  Boys in collared shirts, white, not required this concert. 

Pieces for concert so far:
Jingle Bells pg 15
Winter Wonderland -sheet music
Boil Them Cabbage
Good King Wenceslas

We will add more to the list, if, and when you feel ready.  

All second and third years


2nd and Third year classes: Whether you take your regular classes at FH, or at Laredo.  We will have a combined concert at Laredo Middle School, Front commons area, 
Dec. 20th at 7:20.  Students should arrive at 7:00. 

Dress should be ‘nice, casual, as we were at Tagawa.  I did see some sweats, etc.  Please try to dress up a bit.  

We will be performing the Winter Medley, as far as we work through it.  It is arranged to stand as a medley, whether we get two or, all 5 pieces done.  
Also, Carol of the Bells, and My Favorite Things. 
2nd years will do Celtic Strings, 

3rd years, work on March of the Intrepid. 

More pieces will be added, if, and as we are ready.  We are working on putting some more polish on the things that we have.  

There will be no regular rehearsal, on the 20th.  Just show up at 7:00 for tuning.  Concert will begin at 7:20.  I will try to get emails and handouts to you today.  

Fox Hollow Beginners

You are scheduled for the Winter Concert with the Fox Hollow Choir, and Fox Hollow Beginng Band, for Dec. 14. 

Students, please be at school by 6:00. We will meet in the library, for tuning, and warm up. 
The concert will begin at 6:30

Also, there is a school assembly, the next morning, at 8:40 at Fox Hollow, on Dec 15.  I do not require the students from other schools to attend this one. I do require them to perform in the evening one, the evening before.  
Please dress up, a little.  In other words, no torn jeans, or sweats, T-shirts, or sloppy apparel.  Guys, please wear collared shirts, and girls, you may wear either nice pants, or a dress/skirt.  If you are in choir, as well as orchestray, your uniform is totally appropriate to perform in for orchestray.  Main thing is, ‘nice casual,” not ‘sloppy’.  

Pieces the Beginners should be working on. 

Jingle Bells
Boil Them Cabbage
Good King W
Winter Wonderland.

We may add one more, but we will see how this is doing.  I will keep them posted.  Please be on time to class, if at all possible.  The practices before a rehearsal, are very important.  

If second or third year Fox Hollow Students want to help, please let me know, and consider coming to a practice, or too, so you have all the music, and know what is going on.  You are more than welcome to help 

We will also be having regular classes on the 20th, and 22.  The 22, is the last class before winter break. We commence with regular classes, again, on January 10, 2018. 

All Laredo Students

I do apologize for the inconvenience, to say the least, of Monday evening, this week. By the time I had waited for a student to be picked up, at my previous school, I drove up to Laredo, with many of my first years, driving off.  We had the option of going to Trails West, but, I had not gotten that memo.  Rather than try to call everyone back, at which time class would have been over, I settled for onfirmin that we are scheduled  for regular times at Laredo tonight, then went on over to Trails West for the 2nd years. 

All classes Laredo classes scheduled to be at Laredo tonight.  

More on December schedule, in next posts. 

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Great job at Tagawa!

Great job at Tagawa Nursery today, people!  I was so thankful for all who came out, and you did a good job.  Thanks so much!  That was quite a feat to pull off, and pull together, with people that you had not regularly practiced with, before! 

And thank you, parents, for helping with stands and chairs!  Thank you Chris Hoff, for your help with tuning, and shuffling people, and just being a great support.  Thanks,  Mr. Mac, for coming in, and helping, and your regular support and encouragement.  All you parents, are giving a wonderful gift to your kids, helping them learn the language of music.  

Heads up!  Your next concert will be Dec. 20, at Laredo Middle School.  It will begin about 7:15 that evening.  More on the chosen pieces, later.  I just wanted to thank each of you, and say how thankful I am to work with you. 

Have a great weekend! See you on Monday!

Tagawa 2nd and 3rd years only

Today!  2nd and 3rd years, at Tagawa Nursery.  Please be dressed, ‘nice casual’. Holiday colors encouraged,but not required.   Please have students arrive at 3:30, or slightly before.  I will be tuning and organizing things, behind the stage where the choir is singing.  We will start playing about 4:00.  We should be entirely done by 4:30, assuming we get started on time.

I will be leading some of the songs from my cello, so make sure, that wherever I am leading from, you are watching me.  

Tagawa Nursery is located at 7711 S. Parker Rd.  It is about a mile south of the Parker/Arapahoe intersection.  Don’t turn on Broncos Parkway, but do turn AFTER that stoplight a few hundred feet.  Wind down and to the right. We are at the back of the garden center, at the stage area. 


Celtic Strinngs: 2nd years only
Pirates; 3rd years only
Winter Medley
Carol of the Bells, (twice, remember and practice the repeat)

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

2nd and 3rd Years, this Sat. Dec 2nd. Tagawa Nursery

This performance only involves 2nd and 3rd year players

All students will perform:

Winter Medley (up to measure 37)
Carol of the Bells
My Favorite Things

Celtic Strings (2nd Years Only)
Pirates (3rd years only)

Please meet at Tagawa Nursery, 7711 S Parker Rd, Centennial, CO 80016
Meet at the back, behind stage area at 3:20-3:300.  We will play at 4:00.  I will get us tuned and ready, while Mrs. Schulte’s choir is singing.  If you happen to be in both her choir, and my orchestra group,  I will make sure your instrument is tuned, if you bring it behind stage, before you sing.  

You should all be done by 4:30 or earlier.  It may take a little time for me to get your chairs situataed. I will try to bring some stands down from FH.  They will be far more stable on the stage, than the wire ones, that many of you own.  Our area is a little cramped, up there, so be cognizant of what you can do, to have enought bow room, at correct angles to your neighbor, etc.  there is some chance that i will have violins and violas stand, in front of their stands, and just seat the cellos.  

Please email me if you have questions or comments.  Some of you, are still not getting my emails, I  fear.