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Thursday, October 13, 2016

2nd Year Practice List

D Major Scale
G  Majorscale
C Major Scale

Two Dances
Talis Canon Round

Good job on the dances last night.  You all really worked hard.  We will have some nice pieces to play for Winter Concert on Dec. 14 at Laredo.  Remember to check the Laredo schedule that I handed out, or go to a couple posts back in this blog, to find that date.

Third Year Practice List Oct. 13

All scales on page 44 in book
D minor Scale

Dance Scenario -start at 73, and familiarize yourself with rest of piece.
Mahler's Theme
Masters In The Hall
Here We Come A Caroling

More coming, so keep that practcing going!

I appreciate, so much, how well you break the room down, and put it back in order.  It makes all the difference to me, as I have to run to get to my beginners over at Laredo Middle School.

Make sure you don't just play through these pieces with an unhearing ear.  If you know you have a trouble spot.  Break it down slow.  Think about the fingerings.  Just do that one section, till you think you can get it up to speed.

Remember, we are preparing pieces for Dec. Third at Tagawa Gardens.  We can't have all of them be as complex as Dance Scenario, so, we will be doing a mixture of light and heavier music, some holiday music,.....etc.

Ok, have a great weekend.  See you Monday!

Oct 12 -17 Beginners Assignments

Beginners!  You are learning so much! Way to go!  I know some of you wonder what you're  doing some days, and others, you are excited at what you can do.

Bow exercises.  The better your bow hold, the better is your tone and playing.  Make sure you have that wonderful hold, and do the exercises.  Check for thumb bump. Check for a curve of your index finger, not to stretched out.  relaxed, circular. See if your thumb is mostly opposite your middle finger, and violins, pinky on top of bow stick.  Cellos, your pinky relaxes over the bow, rather than on top.  Look at the pix I have shown you in the book, to work on a great bow hold. 

Say all letters on your D string, as you pizzicato the notes up and down. Play and say notes through page 9

My Laredo Class, has just been introduced to notes living on the A string.  A, B, C and high D. Fox Hollow students, that will happen for you on Monday.  We have had a couple late starts, because of rearranged foot traffic to classroom.  Anyway, you are not far behind, and you can take a peak at pg 10, that talks about the A string notes, as well as all you have been working on through pg. 9.  If page 10 seems too worries.  

Bowing exercises on page 17 in book.  This lets you practice recognizing and open D, or A, on the page, while practicing some bow work.  

That's all.  Don't forget to check you applicable post for important dates.  It is listed under the class you currently attend.  

Have a great weekend, and go make some music!

FH Beginners Dates for your fall.

Important Dates for your calendar

Oct. 24 and 26 Fall Break, NO ORCHESTRA
Nov. 7 & 9 Fox Hollow Parent/teacher meetings. No classes being let in.  The only alternative we have for classes is: Monday/Wed evening at Laredo Middle School. 6:00 PM.

Nov. 23 No ORCHESTRA Thanksgiving Holiday
Dec. 12, Monday. Fox Hollow Evening Concert. Strings arrive at 6:00 PM, Concert begins at 6:30.  Band and choir will be performing that night, as well.  There is no conflict if your student is involved in more than one of the above performing groups, as well as orchestra. 
Dec. 13 Tuesday. Morning assembly at 9:15 AM. Students attending other schools, are invited, but not required to come for the student assembly.  But let me know what you are doing for that.  The evening performance the night before, I’m expecting everyone to do the utmost to attend and perform.

Dec. 14, is last day of class before Winter Break.  We are back in class, then January 4

Third Year Strings, Fall and Concert dates

Important Dates

Nov. 7 and 9  No classes this week, unless I can find another place to meet.  Stay tuned.  Most of district close buildings due to parent/teacher conferences.
Dec. 3 Tagawa Gardens.  We will perform after Ms. Schulte’s choir.  Pieces are being chosen and worked on now. 10:30-11:30 AM
Dec. 14 Winter Concert @ Laredo Middle School  Arrive by 7:00. More on that laterJ

We will then be on winter break after the Winter concert at Laredo.  Classes begin again on January 4.

Thanks!  Your students are wonderful. We have a great group!

Important Dates for those taking at LMS


OCT 24-26- NO ORCHESTRA Fall break
Oct 31, is Halloween.  Evening classes not traditionally attended well, so here are your options: Try to catch one of the Campus Classes on Tuesday or Thursday that week, at your corresponding time, or beginners welcome at Fox Hollow afternoon class, from 3:35-4:25.  Ok if you’re a little late on that one. 

NOV. 14 and 16- All classes will be at Trails West that week.  Arrive 15 minutes later than normal time.  We are not supposed to start till 6:15, because of day care concerns.

Nov. 23 Thanksgiving Break
Dec. 14 Winter Concert at Laredo Middle School in Commons.  Students arrive at usual class times.  More on that, soon.
Dec 19-Jan 2 Winter Break
Jan 4- First Orchestra Classes after winter break


Thursday, September 29, 2016

3rd year class at FH Sept 28-weekend

We have gotten to add a few people.  Yay! You are doing well.  The first part of Dance Scenario is coming along nicely.  I do not expect you to have this conquered yet. Do not fret, if you can't play it all well yet.  I expect you to be practicing it, taking it bit by bit to absorb it.  I expect you to know the notes, but be absorbing how the phrasing etc fits together at a gradual pace.  Please email me if the whole experience is blowing you away. I hope you're having fun though!

Pirates will be fun, and a great review of rhythm patterns for us.  We can work on being precise with our counting, bowing, intonation, etc.  

Scales on 44 and 45 of book, we will continue to be working through.  The next one we will concentrate on learning is the F Major one, at the top of page 45.

Look through the Concerto in E Minor.  I want to wait a couple class times before we start this one. But, it will be soon-ish. 

You will have a winter concert on Dec. 14 at Laredo Middle School.  Also, email me if you would be able to play Dec. 3, a Saturday afternoon, at 2:30 at a rest home nearby.  It is 5 minutes from Fox Hollow.  

The level where most of you are working at, is good. There are a few people, who either need to make a strong effort to read new music more easily, without needing to write all the notes down, or consider going and adding strength to my second year class, while reviewing some of your note reading skills.  It is up to you.  Just know, that we push a little harder, and a little faster in this class, and enjoy doing it.  I want your experience to be a good one, with your instrument, so consider both of these options in this paragraph.  I will welcome you in either class. 

I am delighted with the balance of parts we have.  Thanks for your hard work. I'm looking forward to preparing for winter concert, and possibly the nursing home.  Do email me, if you think you can sign up for that.