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Monday, February 26, 2018

No orchestra classes this Wed. February, 28

Due to parent/teacher conferences in the district, there will be no orchestra classes, on Wednesday, February 28th.  Regular classes, will resume on Monday, March 5.  

Beginners, practice up to 23, in book
Legend of Dark Mountain
Two Dances

2nd years,
Bow Rhythm Study, G major scale
St. Lawrence overture, 
Rock On strings
Gaelic Castle

3rd Years
Rondeau, from Master Piece theater
Scale exercises
Russian Dance
Go over sight reading, in first half of book

ALL CLASSES: I will be handing out an arrangement of “Its a Small World” next Monday. This is something, each class will do, joining with all the band and orchestra people, at the district concert. 

Also, I have sent hand outs home with concert dates to save on your calendar.  

Ok.  Have a great week!  Go make some music!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

All classes in session today Feb 14


Happy Valentine’s Day!

We DO HAVE classes today and this evening. 

No classes Feb 19 Presidents Day weekend. 

No classes in district Feb 28, due to parent teacher conferences. 


Monday, January 22, 2018

Laredo Classes, both 1st and 2nd year

So sorry for miscommunication. Again.
Going forward:
Feb. 19, Monday, no class, President’s Day

Wednesday, February 28, No Laredo classes, at all.  Not even Trails West.  If you want some make up time, you may check the Campus schedule, for that week, at

Spring Break: March 26-30, no classes.

That is all that I know about.  If this changes, I will try to give you a heads up.  

 Concert dates and rehearsals for spring, will be up soon, on blogspot and

Thank you for your patience. 

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Regular afternoon and evening classes, Monday, Jan 22

There is a late start tomorrow, for Cherry Creek 
District.  This should not affect the afternoon and evening orchestra classes at Fox Hollow and Laredo.  Having said that, if you commute from a far distance, for afternoon or evening classes, please use your own judgment for safety of commute, if we are still having ice and snow.  

Please stay tuned to this blogspot, for any changes the schedule may take, though things are set to go at usual time and places for tomorrow.  

See you soon!

Sunday, January 14, 2018

No Classes Monday 1/15/18

It is Martin Luther King weekend. All classes and orchestras off tomorrow, as is the whole district, to honor this great man’s life. 

All classes back to normal on this Wednesday, Jan 17. 

See you soon. Beginners, be going over pg 18 in your book. Practice saying notes. ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐ŸŽถ

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

All orchestra classes, in session Wednesday!

Happy New Year!

I’m writing this, on Tuesday night.  Just a reminder here, that we have orchestra class, in usual times and places, tomorrow, Wednesday, January 10, as stated in emails and announcements, before break.

I’m really looking forward to seeing you all!  So get out those instruments, and let’s get ready to make some music.  We will be picking up in books, where we left off, strengthening reading, playing, and rhythm skills, then, we will be on to spring concert music before you know it.  

I will be posting spring concert dates soon. I think they already may be posted at 

It’s also a good time to check up on class tuition payments, and make sure that is all up to date.  Remember, there is no auto-renewal pay at  You must log into the site, every month, or every semester, whichever way you choose to take care of it. 

See you soon!!!

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

2nd and 3rd year orchestras Concert info

You, as a 2nd or 3rd year orchestra student, will be performing at Laredo Middle School, Dec. 20th, Wednesday evening, about 7:15, or 7:20.  Whether you are a student or parent, please enter the BACK of the school, south entrance, and enter in through the double doors.  Have the students go down the hall, immediately to the left, and parents/friends/ and family, may proceed to the hallway up to the left, and to the Central Commons area.  This is where your students will be performing.  I will bring them in, when we are tuned, and organized.  We should be ready to perform about  7:15, or 20. 

Feel free to bring refreshments, for sharing, afterwards.  Please make sure drinks are self contained. Snacks/cookies/veggies/, all welcome. If you do bring something, make sure you also take it home, if some is left.  

Song list, is as Follows;

Celtic Strings (2nd year strings)
Pirates of the Caribbean (3rd year strings
Marh of the Intrepid (3rd years, only
My Favorite Things
Winter Medley 
Carol of the Bells

You, and the students are free to leave, any time after the performance.  I hope you have wonderful holidays, and we will be starting regular orchestra classes and times  up again, January 10, Wednesday. 

Also, for future reference, any days that the district is not in session, like MLK, and President’s Day, etc.  are also days they would be off orchestra.  
I will also try to give you heads up on any other changes or cancellations.  

See you soon!  I’m looking forward to sharing our music with you!