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Monday, November 23, 2015

Laredo CCEIM at Laredo tonight

We are back to Laredo tonight.  Yay!  Regular times, too.  Remember, no school, or orchestra class this Wednesday. 

Also, students attending string classes at Laredo will have a winter concert, Dec. 16th.

It will be during you regular class times.  More on this later.  

Also, please, if your student does not have contact info in, could you make sure that s/he does this week?  It's very important at times, that I have your emergency contact info.  If you are in doubt whether I have it, please check with me.

Thanks!  I will be breaking down info on the Dec 16th concerts, in separate posts, so stay tuned.

See you tonight!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Fox Hollow Beginners

You are doing great!  

You have a concert Dec 8, a Tuesday night,  at 6:30 at Fox Hollow, in gym. 
Dec. 9, the next morning , we will play again, same pieces for the school assembly at Fox Hollow. 

Dress will be your choice of holiday colors. Guys, try to wear shirts with a collar. Girls, you may wear nice black pants with a nice top,  or a dress of your holiday choice. No jeans sweats or t-shirts. Go for a step above every day. 

So far, pieces selected are:

Seminole Chant/ Tribal Lament
Good King W
Jingle Bells
Winter Wonderland

......more to come! 

See you at class!  

Again. Laredo students to Trails West tonight.

Beginners 6:15
2nd years start about 7:10. 

Thank you for your support and flexibility. Please remember to bring stands, if you have them. Second years, unpack in hallway, away from art work, and wait until first year orchestra students are coming out, before going in. It's a slightly tighter fit than Laredo.  Also, please make sure all music, folders, stands,nets, have your name on them. 

We will be back at Laredo for class next week, on Monday, then, of course, off for Wednesday, because of Thanksgiving  break. 

Ok, see you tonight!  Well make some music!

Dec 16 will be winter concert for students attending Laredo classes.  Stay tuned for pieces to practice and perform. 

Monday, November 16, 2015

Trails west, not Laredo Middle School this week

Tonight, Laredo middle school is closed to us. Go to Trails West elementary.
Beginners start at 6:15
2nd years @ 7:05. You're done and out by 8:00 PM.

Trails west map link

Also. We have blizzard alerts flying around. Stay tuned to radio, tv media etc. we have classes, as long as you don't hear  "all Cherry Creek after school programs cancelled"

That said, use your gut feeling. Many of you travel from all over the district to get to the magnet programs.  If it doesn't seem safe from where you are....stay safe! 

See you tonight at Trails West, I hope!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Corrected Changes for Nov. 16th, and 18th at TRAILS WEST

CCEIM  Classes to Trails West  Elementary School

Laredo Middle School has two dates this month, that they cannot accommodate CCEIM classes.
This will be Nov. 16, and Nov. 18th, Monday and Wednesday evenings.  Because of the after school program at Trails West, they would like us to not start until 6:15.  So, times for that week are:

6:15-7:05 Beginning band and orchestra
7:10-8:00 2nd year band and orchestra

Bring your own stands, if you have them.  There are a few stands there, but not enough for all classes.
Orchestra will be in music room.
Band will be in cafeteria

Nov. 25th is a non-student day, Wednesday before Thanksgiving, so, naturally, there will be no orchestra that day. Regular place and time for classes resume on November 30th, a Monday.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Third year strings

If you have taken 2 nod year, with myself or someone else last year, and you are in doubt as to whether to com into third year....COME!

Tomorrow Monday and Wednesday
Fox Hollow elementary
All students must be picked up by 5:30.

Bring second year book and your instrument, and get ready to play some music!!!!

Can hardly wait to see you all!

Friday, September 11, 2015

CCEIM classes start THIS MONDAY

Here we go!  Ready to make some music?  You students who were beginners last year, I hope you're signed up and registered ant Second years are at Laredo, Monday/Wednesday evenings from 6:55-7:45. Bring your first year books. You will be needing to purchase 2nd year books soon, but not immediately.  If you have time conflicts with Monday/Wednesday, consider one or both of the Campus nights on Tuesday/ Thursday.  Yes. You are free to mix and match. We will be doing some review. I will have Essential elements books available for purchase at classes. 

Third year students?  Hope you're registered, and ready to get to work?  I'm so looking forward to seeing you all. Many of you I will have had last year, some of you are coming from Ms Gigler's class or elsewhere. Bring second year books, and be ready to play some scales, and do some sight reading. We are going to have fun!  

Feel free to email me if you have questions or concerns at Gjstrings@

Excited to make music with you all!