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Friday, February 6, 2015

7 things that count as practice time

1) bowing on open strings, slow, smooth, staying on 'bow highway' thinking about position

2) saying letter names to a piece you are learning

3) looking over a whole piece to 'spy out' repeated patterns

4) Fingering notes in guitar or concert-rest position while saying letters

5) practicing your hardest 3-4 measures...slow, fast, slow

6) making up different rhythm patterns for your scales

7) wrist exercises with, and without your bow

Having fun learning your music!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

3rd year strings

Third years, who meet at Fox Hollow at  4:30!  You, also need to show up for both concerts if humanly possible. We will probably not have you go to the rehearsal nights, however.  You've seen the middle school gyms  before. 

So your dates to mark on calendar are: 
May 6, 6:30 at Prairie Middle School, Concert begins 7:00
May 13 Liberty Middle School, arrive at 6:30 concert  at 7:00

Brandenburg, both movements for sure. 
Pink Panther maybe 
Hopefully, Rohan, from LOTR

We are a wonderful work in process. Yay!   Now, go make some music!  

Third years. Solos tomorrow. Pink panther , or 2nd movement of Brandenburg.  Practice up!  See you soon!  

By the way, you are the most phenomenal group in helping out away, that I have ever had!  Kudos especially ton.dominique and 
Ana, for often seeing things into the closet all the way!  Thanks all for helping stack, pack,  and move so fast. It helps more than you know. 

District Concerts. 2nd year strings.

You are required to play both concerts if at all possible this spring. 

First one is May 4 for rehearsal,  rehearsal will be at 7:30 to 8:00 probably...stay posted. 
                   May 6 for concert arrive at Prairie Middle school by 6:30 concert will begin at 7:00. 
Both May 4th and 6th will be at Prairie Middle School. 

May 11 and 13 are normal class nights for you, so we will have you over at Liberty Middle school instead,  May 11....stay tuned on whether you will be required to reheard at Liberty for that one. 

May 13... Be there at 6:30 for tuning and placement. Concert begins at 7:00.  Wear concert black and white. 

Songs will be Fantasy on Japanese Folk Song
A Little Bit of A Little Bit
You Are My Sunshine 

Now, go make some music!  

District Spring concert dates and info for BEGINNINERS.

All beginners are required to do one large district concert.  This is in addition to possible smaller concerts at schools where they often combine with choir or band for a localized school concert. 

  This is huge fun.  We combine with other beginners, working on the same music, to perform at a concert given in a middle school, to accommodate the larger numbers. 

All of my beginning students, are scheduled for concert at Liberty Middle School.  This will require two dates for beginners. 

6:30 PM   Monday, May 11, rehearsal for  beginning strings @ Liberty Middle School, 
6:30 PM Wednesday, May 13, arrival time, concert begins at 7:00 PM 


We will be wearing concert black and white for this one.  White on top, black on bottom. Other black and white attire is allowed as well. 

Stay tuned for more info as semester progresses.  Beginners should be familiar with songs up through page 27 by the end of this week. They should be going over Grandparents Day, Frere Jaques, scale warm ups, Bile 'Em Cabbage Down, English Round, Lightly, and Can Can. These need not be perfect.  Explore them. Get to saying the notes without having to write  them down.  Take your book and don't even play one times.  Just say notes.  This counts as practice time.  Most particularly, we are learning some g string notes on 
page 26 this week.  That page introduces what your g string notes look like when printed on the staff. Memorize these.   Go to, make flash cards, download .staffwars...say your letter names while you play.  Do anything you can to learn to recognize thiese notes, just like you know that 2+2=4.  This includes D and A string notes that we have been working on for 5 months now.  So do what you can to encourage your brain to lock in on those note reading skills. 

The first song we will be working on for spring concert is Dragonhunter, that I am handing out this week. 

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Music feeds the brain

Fun article here on what learning a musical instrument does for the brain.   Enjoy....and pat yourselves on the back; you're feeding your brain!

Now, go make some music!

Learning a musical instrument boosts kids brains

No classes Monday, January 19th

No schools, in session, and therefore no orchestra classes this Monday.   See you Wednesday!!! Happy Martin Luther King Day!  May his dream grow and thrive. 

Now go make some music!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Fiddlin' competition at stock show

Hey!  These are really fun to watch.  I've seen everyone from five year olds to eighty something-aged people compete in this!  It is the fiddle style of violin music, and very entertaining.  There is some amazing talen goingon every year, one Saturday, during the stock she.   Great to soak up a few minutes..or a few hours if you're at the stock show, or make it a destination. It's always fun to see all the different genres string players can engage in.   This is one.