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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

regular class time for Peakview May 6

See you in the morning!  I was so proud of you all!  You really did well last night, and also at the assembly earlier in the afternoon. You have come so far. Thank you all for your effort and practice.  It's paying off, right?  

One more concert to get ready for. We will also practice the morning of May 11, then I think we will give you the morning of May 13 off, since that is your concert night.  We will wrap our year up on the 18th.  

Wednesday evening classes at Trails West this week.

No Laredo classes this week. Go to Trails West May 6, for class. 

Beginners, you have class this weekend, then nothing else scheduled the rest of this week. 

2nd years, you have a class tomorrow, and a performance at Prairie this Thursday night, May 7. Be at Prairie at 6:30 PM.  Cafeteria for tuning.  Please wear concert black and white. 

Monday, May 11, beginners will practice at 6:30 PM, at Liberty Middle School. 
2nd years stay tuned for practice place and time. We will see how we are progressing. Think we will probably meet at 7:30 @ Liberty for a once-over of all songs, and invite other class to come if they want. 

Monday, May 4, 2015

Praire MS Map Link and directions

Here's a link to a map for Prairie MS   Drive around to the back of the school, to get into the double doors in back, similar to Laredo.  Do not go through front entrance.  It will be locked.  

This rehearsal is mainly for the second years who are playing in the May 7, Praire Concert this week.  Beginner's are welcome to come rehearse, in lieu of class tonight.  There are no orchestra classes at Laredo tonight.  

Here's the map link:
Praire Middle School

I notice the google address is Jewell. But DONT turn on Jewell.

Take Parker under 225, to right on Peoria, to right on PACIFIC, which will take you east to the back part of Prairie Middle School.  If you turn on Jewell, you will end up too far north at Overland High School.   Keep to the roads that start with P.  

Laredo student schedule, May 4, tonight

Beginners have the option of taking tonight off, or, they may go to Prairie Middle School.  Rehearsal begins at 6:30.  Beginners should be done by 7:30.  

2nd Year Classes are required to come to Prairie for combined rehearsal with Mrs. Gigler's class. We will try to be done by about 8:00. 

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Laredo Classes @Trails West tonight.

2nd years 7:05

Check recent posts for next week's schedule.  Will be doing more posts over weekend. 

Monday, April 27, 2015

2nd and 3rd year strings only.

To be clear.  
May 6 was changed to May 7, for the concert date a few weeks ago. 
No.  You're not crazy.  It was changed. 
I, am being challenged remembering occasionally. 

Second and third years are required to play for both the May 7, and the May 13 concert. 

May 7 is at Prairie Middle School
May 13 is at Liberty School

Both concerts rehire students to arrive by 6:30 in concert black and white.  Concert begins at 7:00. 

As always, feel free to email me. 

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Wednesday Laredo Classes at Trails West

April 29, this Wednesday, all Laredo orchestra and band students should go to Trails West. 
1st years start @ 6:15
2nd years start @7:05

Please bring stands, if you have them.