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Monday, January 16, 2017

No Classes on Jan 16 MLK day.

On days that the whole district is closed down, there are no orchestra or band classes.  We run with the Cherry Creek traditional calendar for our class dates.  

Enjoy your day!  Happy MLK day to you. What an example for us all, in these turbulent times. 
See you all Wednesday!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

All classes back to regular times and places.

Yay! No location changes, or time changes.  Everything back to normal today.

Martin Luther King weekend coming up, so, no classes on the 16th, because school district is not in session.


Stay posted.  I will try to post each class's assignments for weekend, by Friday. Beginners should be practicing getting good at saying and playing notes on pages 18 and 19 of Book.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Laredo Orchestras-regular schedule at Laredo

See you tonight!

Fox Hollow Classes- location change

Reminder: If you attend the beginning class, or the third year class at Fox Hollow, today, we are having class at Trails West.  Both classes, will start 15 minutes later than usual. If you are coming from Fox Hollow, try making Trails West by 3:45-ish. 
5400 S Waco St.
Centennial CO 80015

Regularly scheduled Classes resume at Fox Hollow this Wednesday, for both the Fox Hollow beginners, and the Third Years. Thanks!

This message is ONLY regarding people usually taking orchestra classes at Fox Hollow. 

Monday, January 2, 2017

Classes meet this Wednesday, Jan 4th

I hope you all have had lovely holidays, and a good break. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone in classes this Wednesday!  I love teaching January classes.  The push for concerts is over, and we get to jump on that learning curve and progress through our curriculum and scales some more.  So, see you Wednesday!

Weather: This especially is in regards to people coming to the magnet programs, from other areas of the district.  Classes rarely get cancelled.  If  they do, I post on this blog.  I think it has only happened once in 17 years, that all evening activities were cancelled.  Soooo. Use your own good judgement, if you are safe, bringing your student from whatever distance you come from. 

Also. ANNNOUNCEMENT!!!!  If you're into the fiddling style, there is a marvelous opportunity THIS WEEKEND, at the Denver Stock Show to go listen to some fiddling competitions.  These people have been practicing all year for this.  You will see fiddlers from 5- 85 years old.  If you are already at the stock show, go in and listen for 5 minutes, or five hours!  Or, just come and go, as you wish.  It is a fun experience, if you enjoy the fiddling genre. Here is the link:
Fiddle Championships

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

2nd and 3rd years Dec 14, @ Laredo Middle School

2nd and 3rd years should arrive at 7:00 PM. No 4:30 class for Third years tomorrow.

Enter through back doors.  Go to orchestra room for tuning and warm up. Parents enter through back doors, take your first left up hall, the Central Commons is on your right hand side.  Concert chairs will be set up.  Studensts, we will all go in together.  Third years, I'd like you to sit quietly behind 2nd years, while they are performing..  When they are done with all their part, we will all play Carol Of the Bells Together.  Then, 2nd years may go listen in the audience, and enjoy what they can do next year!

Laredo Middle School Link

2nd Year Play List

The Birch Tree Song
Talis Canon Round (2 parts, no repeat)
Two Dances, (Waltz, and Barn Dance)
My Favorite Things
Carol of the Bells With 3rd years

3rd year Play List

Mahler/Masters/Caroling Medley 
Winter Waltz Medley First Page
Winter Medley 
Dance Scenario

Thanks for all your work!  If you want refreshments afterwards, please feel free to b ring something like Capri Suns, or cookies, or veggie.fruit trays.  Just make sure you take home anything that may be left over.  

Attire.  Black on bottom, holiday shirts, colors on top.  Yes.  If girls want to wear a dress, that is fine. 

Beginners Laredo Schedule for Wednesday, Dec 14th

Beginners: Arrive at 6:00. Go to orchestra room for tuning and warm-up. Organize your music, so you do not have to look for pages during your concert.  Have it in a folder, and folder on stand.  You are sharing stands, so work together, as to whose music you will use etc.  EVERYONE SHOULD BRING THEIR MUSIC TO CONCERT. 

 Here is your play list:
Concert Practice List

Dreidel pizzicato, everyone (cellos, alternate parts
Good King Wenceslaus. On sheet paper.
Seminole Chant/Tribal Lament (pg. 9, and 18, they go together, cool!)
Carolina Breeze Pg 14
Jingle Bells pg 14 (cellos, extra part)
Winter Wonderland. On sheet

Sounds like you did a great job last night, getting through your music with Mr. Mac, and Ms. Benton. Way to go!  I will be playing electric keyboard with you, on everything, except Dreidel.  Everyone, plan on that being pizzicato.

Feel free to bring, boxed, or capri sun similar drinks, or cookies, or veggie/fruit plates, if you would like refreshments, afterwards. I plan on having tables in the trophy hall for people to place them on. Parents, come in usual back doors, but turn left up towards Central Commons, which will be on your right hand side.  We will have chairs set up for you to wait in, while we tune and warm up in orchestra room.

Attire.  Black on bottom, holiday colors for top. Yes.  Dresses just fine, girls, is you want.