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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Corrected Fox Hollow Date, Thursday, Dec 11,

Fox Hollow: Concert date will be Dec. 11th.  Same times

This means your assembly will be Friday, Dec. 12
We will have class on the 15th and the 17th.

Whew!  So sorry! I have a few dates spinning around here.  

Laredo Magnet Classes at Trails West tonight

6:15 for beginners
7:05 for 2nd years

Trails West Elementary School



Trails West Map

Fox Hollow concertK Dec 16

Fox Hollow concert is the evening of Dec 11, at 6:30 PM. Students should arrive in library by 6:00 PM, for tuning and placement .  These are the pieces we are working on so far:

Good King W
Seminole Chant
Winter Wonderland
Jingle bells. 

We may add to, or subtract from that, as need be. 

Fox Hollow will also have a school assembly the next morning, Dec 12. Tuesday, at 9:15 AM. Students should arrive about 8:45 for tuning and warm up.  If you attend another school besides Fox Hollow, you are not required to play in this assembly.  Please remember to bring your instruments thwt morning, as it is a Tuesday, and out of your ordinary routine. 

Peakview concert

Peakview orchestra. 
Your concert is scheduled for Dec 9th at 6:30 PM, Peakview school, in the gymn. We will be playing before Mrs. Aldersons's choir sings that night. 

If you are a Peakview student, you will ALSO be playing for an afternoon student assembly the same day.  It will be the same pieces both times.  Students from other schools will not be required to play the student assembly, since they would miss their own class schedule. 

Pieces on practice list so far:
Good King Wenceslas pg. 9
Seminole Chant, pg 9
Dreidel pg 13
Jingle Bells pg 14
Mozart Melody pg 15

We are also starting to look at tribal lament on page 18, since it overlays with Seminole chant nicely. 

Dress: no jeans, sweats, or t-shirts.   If your student is also in choir, choir uniform is totally fine.  Otherwise, black pants, or skirts, and holiday colors on top.  Main thing for this concert is dress up a little above everyday school wear. For spring concerts, we will be going to concert black and white. 

Arrival time for orchestra will be 6:00PM   Please meet in library for tuning and warm up. 
Feel free to email me with questions or concerns. 

Monday, November 17, 2014

All Laredo classes to Trails West This Wednesday Night

I do apologize for this late notice. I did not even have this on my radar for some reason. 

Due to Laredo having a schedule conflict,  all CCEIM classes, both band and orchestra, will meet at Trails West, on this Wednesday, November 26th, same times. Actually, we won't be able to enter classrooms until 6:00, so classes will go a few minutes later than at Laredo. 

Trails West Elementary School is located about a quarter mile south of Smokey Hill Road, on Waco. Here is a map link. 

Trails West Elementary School

Please, if you know others in the evening Band or Orchestra classes that meet at Laredo, spread the word, or direct them to this blog. 

Also, if you have music stands at home, please bring them, as we are always short at that particular school. 

This includes both first and second year classes thwt meet at Laredo. We will be back to Laredo, on Monday, Nov. 24th.

Then, no class on November 26, because of school holiday before Thanksgiving.

Thanks so much for your cooperation, and helping spread the word. 

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Winter Inspiration

...a little bit of winter inspiration for you...
Vivaldi's winter

See you next week!  Concerts around the corner.  

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Afternoon/evening classes Nov 12

Yes.  We do have classes scheduled. Three out of four of my classes this afternoon, are magnet programs, which mean there are students coming in to class from many areas of town. Please use your own discretion to be safe.   I will go ahead and post tomorrow, on this blog, what we did in each class, and what your student needs to work on.

Also, if there is a school day cancellation, OR if there is a delayed start, no morning orchestra happens. Cherry Creek has only cancelled afternoon/evening classes once, in my 15 years of teaching for them.  That was during the floods last fall.  Stay tuned to the radio, TV plus, I ususally tend to post something of that importance here, in those cases, as well.

Please shoot me an email, if you find these postings helpful, as I am trying to decide whether to keep this site open.

I will decide on this by the beginning of winter break.