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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Fox Hollow Beginning Orchestra Concert

Again, your concert is Dec. 12, next Monday.

Due to arrival time, and harried schedules, if we learn what we need to today, we will not have practice on Monday. Just  the concert and assembly the next morning will keep you busy enough.


Arrive at 6:00PM, this coming Monday.  Go to library for tuning and placement. Concert will begin at 6:30. 

Dec. 13. School assembly 9:15 AM  orchestra members from other schools are  invited, but not required to perform. Do let me know, which you choose to do. This will be a Tuesday morning and a little harder to remember the instruments to school in the morning.  So write yourself a note.

Wear black pants or skirt, and holiday top. Yes, if girls want to wear a dress, that is fine.

Here is your concert list, at present. I will drop one, if we do not feel comfortable with it. 
Good King Wenceslaus 
Seminole Chant/Tribal Lamen
I Saw Three Ships
Jingle Bells
Winter Wonderland

Practice, encourage yourself. Divide music into small parts, then add more parts till you get it going. You are still learning. I don't expect perfection, I do expect trying, and enjoying sharing what you have learned. 
Write names in pencil over concert music, if you are having trouble figuring it out.  This is a good time in your progression to be doing this.  Figure out where the notes live on your staff. 

Last practice before concert is today. Practice up! See you later.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Third Year Class

Your next concert is Dec 14, Wednesday, at Laredo Middle School. 

There will be no regular class at Fox Hollow that day.  Just arrive at 7:00 PM for tuning and warm up.  I am combining your hour, with the second years.  They will play first.  You will join them on Carol of the Bells, and then they will go to audience, and you will perform your pieces.

Here is your song list.

Carol of the Bells (with 2nd Years)
Mahler/Masters/Caroling Medley
First page of Winter Waltz Medley 
Winter Medley 
Still, Still
Dance Scenario

This will be your last performance and orchestra time, until January 4th, when we return from winter break, and start new music! Don't let Dance Scenario go, though!

Dress in attire similar or same to what you wore at Tagawa.  Casual, but nice, and neat. 

Thanks!  You guys are awesome.  See you soon!

2nd Years-Laredo Concert.

Please arrive at 7:00
Come to orchestra room to unpack and tune, put music in order and warm up.
If orchestra room seems chaotic because of first year concert getting out, please unpack in hall, by the walls, where people will not trip over your stuff.  Third year students will be coming in to divide the concert time with you.

Parents should go up to front Commons area.  Take first hall to left, after entering through back dooors, and then you will see concert room on your right hand side, up a bit. 

Please email me if you can bring some refreshments. 

Student Performance List

My Favortie Things
The Birch Tree Song (new...I'm working on it, violas...sorry)
Talis Canon Round
Two Dances (Waltz, and Barn Dance)
Carol of the Bells. We will perform this with the Third Years. 

Please wear nice black pants, and holiday colored top. Yes, girls, dresses are fine, but not required. We are casual, but nice, for this winter concert.  

I will have the second years start performing around 7:20.  On your last piece, I will have the Third years come in behind you, and perform Carol of the Bells with you.  Then, I'd love for you to stay and listen to the rest of the Third Year Concert.  We should be done at latest, by 8:00. 

Looking forward to this. Practice up!

Laredo Beginning Orchestra Concert

Your Concert is Dec. 14th at Laredo Middle School
Please arrive at your usual time, by 6:00 PM
Students should come to Orchestra Room, Parents, turn left after entering through usual back doors, and you will see the Commons room to your right.

Please email me if you can bring some refreshments.  Only closed drinks, like Capri Suns etc.  Cookies, and veggie/fruit plates great.  If you can email me.  I never like to overload things, so keep me posted by email or responding to this in comment section. 

Dress, in Dark pants or skirts, and holiday colored shirts or tops.  Yes, girls, dresses are ok, but not required.  We are fairly casual at this one.  Spring concerts will be black and white. 

Concert Practice List

Dreidel pizzicato, everyone 
Good King Wenceslaus. 
Seminole Chant/Tribal Lament (pg. 9, and 18, they go together, cool!)
Carolina Breeze
Mozart Melody (Twinkle, Twinkle)
Jingle Bells
Winter Wonderland. 

If we are not at a comfort level with all of these, I will drop one.  But practice up!  You're getting better each class.  If you are having hard days, break things down into tinier bites.  Maybe pizzicato each song, THEN try to bow it.  Say note names as you play them.  Or, practice just saying the notes and pointing to them and not playing.  Then play it.  Divide and conquer.  Encourage yourself!  Playing a string instrument is a process, not something that happens instantly.  Keep on keeping on.  You will always have good days, and bad days.  One day, you will turn around and be impressed with how well you are doing something that seemed impossible months or weeks ago.  
Ok See you soon!

Fox Hollow Orchestra Concert Details

Hi Beginners at Fox Hollow,

Whether you are a student attending from another school, or part of the Fox Hollow community, your concert is:

Dec. 12 6:30 PM. Please arrive in library @ 6:00 for tuning and warm-up
Orchestra students should wear dark pants or skirts, and holiday colored tops.  Guys, please try to wear shirt with collar.  If you sing in choir also, that attire is perfectly ok. 

Dec. 13-school assembly begins at 9:15.  Please bring your instruments to school that Tuesday morning.  If you attend another school, you are invited, but not required to perform for school assembly. 

Here is your song list, at present.

Good King Wenceslaus (sheet music)
Seminole Chant/Tribal Lament (as discussed in class on Monday)
I saw three ships
Jingle Bells
Winter Wonderland

You are free to pencil (not pen) in letter names over your notes.  I have included some fingering in some of the sheet music I have handed out.  I think you will do well!  Practice up.  I enjoy having each of you in my class.  You have come a long way, and I'm excited to see what all we can do after the holidays too.


Our first class in January will be Wednesday, January 4. Thanks!

Friday, December 2, 2016

Third years, Tomorrow Saturday, Dec 3

Hi Third Years`

Please be at Tagawa Gardens at 10:30 AM. The choir is singing first, then we will come on stage to do our part.  Please wear, nice dark jeans or pants, and colorful holiday color on top.  Be neat. 

Here is your song list order:

Mahler/Masters/Caroling Medley
Winter Waltz Medley (remember, no second page.  You're done at the end of first song. )
Pirates of the Caribbean 
Winter Medley (practice that Sleigh Bells, watch me)
Dance Scenario 

You should easily be out of there by 11:30. 

Please email me at if you are making it, or not.   My emails, bounce back, or people don't read them.  So, I'm going to start over with a new list for this class.  As the most advanced orchestra in CCEIM, you often have another event or two to play for, and I do push you a little harder, because you're all getting better.

Ok.  Loooking forward to seeing you all.  Some of you have told me you will not make it.  Some have told me a few weeks ago, which is fine.  Please stay tuned to this blog, and other emails I can get out.  You have one more concert on Dec. 14.  We're going to augment the 2nd year orchestra on a couple things. 

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Third Years Hour long practice Wed, No practice Friday

Dear Third years,

As we spoke of, yesterday, Fox Hollow is not available to us on Friday, as of this week, they are not accepting Friday groups. Who knew?

Anyway, please plan on staying an extra fifteen minutes, tomorrow, Wednesday, the 30th.Hopefully, that will give us enough comfort level on different pieces, that we will be fine. 

Wear dark jeans or pant, and holiday colored tops to Tagawa Address  is 7711 S Parker Rd, Centennial, CO 80016

Be there by 10:30. We will start at about 11:00. Play list should be the same as last email.  Actually,I I will post it here, as some of your emails are bouncing back. 

Pirates of the Caribbean 
Mahler/Masters/Caroling Medley
Still, Still (new. Easy. Practice counting and dynamics. Soft on whole notes, and strong legato bowing, when you have melody. 
Christmastime Is Here
Winter Medley -sounded great. Work on Sleigh Bells
Dance Scenario-better all the time, practice hard parts
I will send some hard copy home with students Wednesday.  Also, I will be posting this on my blog. 
Ok. See you Wednesday! Remember, anything we leave out, we can use for the Dec. 14 concert at Laredo. I'm excited with how well most of you worked on Monday. Good job!  100% please,on Wednesday.