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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Music feeds the brain

Fun article here on what learning a musical instrument does for the brain.   Enjoy....and pat yourselves on the back; you're feeding your brain!

Now, go make some music!

Learning a musical instrument boosts kids brains

No classes Monday, January 19th

No schools, in session, and therefore no orchestra classes this Monday.   See you Wednesday!!! Happy Martin Luther King Day!  May his dream grow and thrive. 

Now go make some music!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Fiddlin' competition at stock show

Hey!  These are really fun to watch.  I've seen everyone from five year olds to eighty something-aged people compete in this!  It is the fiddle style of violin music, and very entertaining.  There is some amazing talen goingon every year, one Saturday, during the stock she.   Great to soak up a few minutes..or a few hours if you're at the stock show, or make it a destination. It's always fun to see all the different genres string players can engage in.   This is one.  


Classes resume January 5th

Happy New Year!!!!!!!

Time to make some music again. We will be jumping back on the learning train again, grabbing some more skills, and by the end of January, or early  February, we will be getting our spring concert music.  

Stay tuned for those spring concert dates.  These will be in addition to concerts we may do with students own school.  These will be combined class concerts at a middle school thwt will give the students that ' big orchestra' experience.  They will be in May.  I will try to have those dates and times posted in the next couple weeks, along with explanations and options. 

Most important: See you at class Monday, January 5, usual times and places. 

Now, go make some music!

Monday, December 22, 2014

String stuff to do

Hey students!

I hope you're enjoying your break...and maybe playing some tunes on your instrument. I came across a viola demonstration on You tube, that also does a nice job of demonstrating some bow techniques, and other things string instruments can do.  Enjoy watching.   Some other links  are listed at the end of the clip. 
viola demo

Also, another thing you might check out over the break is this site has a place where you can practice note recognition after selecting the clef that you play in. 

Another cool app I found is Staff Wars.  I think they have it for iPhone and android.  Again, another way to practice your notes.  

Just saying notes out of your book...that gets you reading fast too!

And never forget...drawing five lines on a note card, and making your own flash cards is a great way to learn your notes as well. 

We have a lot of longer music coming up after winter break.  FUN music.   Know those notes, and it's going to be easier. 

Now go make some music!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

no classes til Jan 5

Yaaaaay!  Laredo and third year groups....what a wonderful concert.  Thanks for stepping up to the plate and practicing.   I think your audience enjoyed your music.  

Thanks too, for all the wonderful help I had with set up and break down. That helped so much!!!!!

No orchestra classes till January 5th.   Enjoy your your holidays, and your days off!  

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Wednesday Dec 17 schedule

3:30 Fox hollow regular class


6:00 arrival at Lardo Middle school for BEGINNERS-students report to regular classroom, parents and guests, take hallway to left, and then right, into commons room. 
6:15 -ish performance begins in commons area. Feel free to bring snacks or covered drinks for refreshments in hall. Please clear commons area so guests arriving for next concert may seat themselves. 

7:00-2nd and 3rd year strings arrive. Students report to orchestra room.  Guests may be seated in commons area. 
7:15 2nd and 3rd year string performance begins. 
Feel free to bring snacks or covered drinks for refreshments in hall. 
You should be entirely done by 8:00.