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Thursday, May 21, 2015


This huge over-sized base, is used to show how strings, and sound waves work. Take a look at this!


Friday, May 15, 2015

Last classes on Monday

Great job at the concert on Wednesday! So proud of you all!  

Monday is the last day for all of my orchestra students. Bring your instruments and snacks to share IF you want to. We will play a little bit, and talk about next year and summer. 

See you Monday!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Third Year Students only.

               Third year orchestra

I have turned my mind inside and out,  debating whether we should take a part of us to Parker Assisted Living. In the end there were several factors making me decide this was not a good time to do it. About half the class cannot make it. We are all tired, at the end of our season, and all finishing up other activities for the end of the academic year. We really do not have enough playing time ready to warrant taking a few down there. Last year, this prospect dove-tailed nicely, a little earlier before everyone was done.  We had extra time to work on more music, and I was also able to take several of my private students downtown fill up an hour of entertainment for people.  None of my private students can make this date either. 

So, because of all the above reasons, and some personal things I'm trying to get in order, and out of town company coming in, I am going to cancel May 16, the Parker Assisted Living  date. You're. Off the hook, just in case you were hanging in there.  I would have loved to, but I don't think it's in the group's or my best interest at that time. 

Please email me if any of you are interested in summer lessons, or summer ensemble opportunities. 

I have loved working with each one of you this year.  You are all very special people to me, and it's been awesome to do music with you this year. Regardless of what you do this summer and next year, always feel free to come and say hi,  


Monday, May 18th, will be our last class day. 

No regular classes on Wednesday. No morning or afternoon. All students go to Liberty Middle School by 6:30 PM. Concert begins at 7:00. 

Attire for students: black and white. 

See you !

Last day of classes is Monday, May 18. Bring your instruments, and snacks to share if you like. 

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Monday And Wednesday Classes plus may 18

Monday, May 11, a busy day!

Peakview -meet for morning class 6:30 PM rehearsal at Liberty Middle School. 

Fox  Hollow Beginners. Go to regular afternoon class.  See you Monday afternoon, and 6:30 PM for Liberty Middle School rehearsal. 

Third year class. GREAT job last Thursday night!  so proud of you!   Yes!   Let's meet Monday, usual class time, and do some more stuff for Parker Assisted Living performance prep. 


All beginners from all schools, go to Liberty Middle School for 6:30 PM rehearsal.  

Map Link:
Liberty Middle School

My second years, please come for a short rehearsal at Liberty at 7:30 PM.  Nicely done, last Thursday night!  I am proud of what you have been able to push through the last couple weeks.  Maybe we can get through the Rondo?   This would require you looking at it more this weekend.  The west side is ready. They would love to be able for us to do it with them.   We'll take a look at it Monday night together at Liberty. 

Last classes for everyone will be on Monday May 18.  a wrap up.  Feel free to bring snacks to share.  We will enjoy playing some of your favorites and talking about next year options, and summer options.  

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

regular class time for Peakview May 6

See you in the morning!  I was so proud of you all!  You really did well last night, and also at the assembly earlier in the afternoon. You have come so far. Thank you all for your effort and practice.  It's paying off, right?  

One more concert to get ready for. We will also practice the morning of May 11, then I think we will give you the morning of May 13 off, since that is your concert night.  We will wrap our year up on the 18th.  

Wednesday evening classes at Trails West this week.

No Laredo classes this week. Go to Trails West May 6, for class. 

Beginners, you have class this weekend, then nothing else scheduled the rest of this week. 

2nd years, you have a class tomorrow, and a performance at Prairie this Thursday night, May 7. Be at Prairie at 6:30 PM.  Cafeteria for tuning.  Please wear concert black and white. 

Monday, May 11, beginners will practice at 6:30 PM, at Liberty Middle School. 
2nd years stay tuned for practice place and time. We will see how we are progressing. Think we will probably meet at 7:30 @ Liberty for a once-over of all songs, and invite other class to come if they want.